Friday, August 14, 2009


I saw the HELVETICA movie this week. Yes, it's a movie about a font, but it has a rich and interesting history and the movie is interspersed with a variety of designers (a few big names and then a few smaller ones) who either extoll the font's virtues or rip it to shreds.

It was nice to see how excited some designers were when they described HELVETICA while others were quite funny in their criticism (either of the font or those who use it).

I walked away uncertain whether or not I wanted to use the font ever again- and that's what this drawing is about.


Lisa Graves said...

great illustration. Haven't heard about this movie?!?! I think I might have to look into this!

Jim Spencer said...

Helvetica is the only font you will ever need. I would never use Helvetica. The film was hilarious. Glad to see you and Eric there. ;)

edfredned said...

Lisa- It's well worth your time and gives you some things to think about.

Jim- Exactly!