Friday, June 7, 2013

Garage Sale Signs

Instead of, I mean, ALONG WITH helping my wife clean out the house, I worked on creating signage for our upcoming Garage Sale.

Because we're currently having a tropical storm (Andrea) and our sale date may be quite wet, I created a 1-color version to half-heartedly try to tape up on poles in the neighborhood and another few to show online.

Click to enlarge.
These designs gave me a chance to poke a little fun at my wife while enjoying a little bit of self-therapy. After all, I'll really miss my beloved Foosball table.

 Why should yard sale/garage sale signs be boring anyway?
Many thanks go out to the wonderful online creative community for offering backgrounds and textures for other creatives to play around with. Lost&Taken. Fudgegraphics. ThinkDesignBlog. Creative Market. Just to name a few.

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