Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Chapter Book: Elephitten

My newest chapter book has been published: Elephitten.

The book is written by Michael Andrew Fox and is the third in a series of books from Petimals Books. The first two books are Dogopotamus and Hamstigator.

The series revolves around a young boy, Coby, who really wants his parents to get him a pet. But he doesn't want anything to do with 'normal' pets, so he goes about inventing his own.

This book was a huge challenge considering the main character is meant to be a cute kitten with the features of an elephant. No cute little kitty nose- instead an elephant's trunk. No adorable paws- instead elephant feet. I went through so many iterations of this character before finally feeling like I got him right.

My daughter seems to think I got it right:

For fun I created an animated GIF of Elephitten:

And here are some additional illustrations from inside the book:

 You can pick up Elephitten HERE.

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