Thursday, November 5, 2015

What My Kid is Reading- Quest for Justice: The Elementia Chronicles

My 10 year old just finished reading:

The Elementia Chronicles
Quest for Justice- An Unofficial Minecraft Fan Fiction Adventure
Written by Sean Fry Wolfe
Age range: 8-12
Released July 28, 2015

What was this book about?
It was about a new Minecraft player named Stan who wants to overthrow a king who created a server (a world that anyone can join). The king is ruthless and mean.

Do you have to be a Minecraft player to enjoy this book?
You don't need to know a single bit about Minecraft.

If you had never played Minecraft before, would this book make you want to play?
When I was done reading the book I felt like I wanted to be in the Minecraft world. Of course you can't so the next best thing is to play the game.

Would you recommend this book? 
YES! Anyone who plays Minecraft or is planning to play should read this- because you recognize what's happening in the book from when you've played the game.

Any illustrations in the book?

Was that okay?
Yes- it was easy to figure things out because it had amazing descriptions.

Is there a book two?

Do you want to read it?
YES! Because there was a perfect cliffhanger at the end of book one.

How would you rate this book?
5 stars (out of 5)

Thanks Leo!

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