Thursday, January 7, 2016

What My Kid is Reading- Secret Coders

Secret Coders
Written by Gene Luen Yang
Illustrated by Mike Holmes
Age range: 8-12 years
Released: September 29, 2015
What's the book about?
About two kids trying to figure out the secrets about their school.

What sort of secrets?
There are some odd things about the school involving numbers.

How are they trying to figure things out?Look at the cover! Duh! [said with a bit of sass)

This book is a graphic novel. Was it a good read?
Yes. I definitely liked the illustrations (especially because they used a lot of green- my favorite color).

So obviously, there's something about coding going on in this book. Can you explain?
By reading this book you'll learn a lot about binary- which is a computer language- but it's not a strictly informational book, it's a fun book during which you learn some coding.

The author, Gene Yang, signed the book for you- what did he write inside?
He wrote a code and then my name and once I was done I was able to decipher the code. It was definitely cool! He was very, very nice. I met him at M.I.C.E. (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) last October.

Why did you want to read this book?
Because my dad suggested it to me and it sounded very, very interesting. And I love coding (and video games).

Who would you recommend this book to?
Anyone who is interested in computers, coding... you can be a beginner or know a lot already and still learn something. Plus it's a fun read.

How would you rate this book?
4 1/2 stars (out of 5)

Thanks Leo!

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