Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cowboy Cactus packaging illustration

This was one of those really cool jobs that I love to do. It was sort of like illustrating a Flow Bee ad!
I recently illustrated the label for a cactus dressed as a cowboy that goes on your car's antenna. What a crazy product but apparently this thing sells like hotcakes and it was time to update the antiquated packaging (see below).

And, before you ask, no I didn't get a free Cowboy Cactus so don't expect to be able to spot my car in the mall parking lot.
This is how the old packaging looked. How hard is it to read the text printed over the cactus? And what's up with that guy's mustache? My version makes it easier to understand where the cactus goes and although I offered an option with a less silly guy the art director chose to go without him.


Jim Roldan said...

Clean, funny and a vast improvement over the original. Are there any other cowboy dressed plants available? Tumbleweed? Sagebrush?

edfredned said...

I'm hoping they'll start expanding to super hero cacti! Cape flowing in the wind...

Lauren Scheuer said...

Ed -- you should design the superhero cactus for them, and maybe the hawaiian-shirt-and-panama-hat cactus... and the sabre-tooth cactus, and.... They'd probably love to expand, and you can get a cut of the action..

edfredned said...

I think that's an exceptional idea (Jim yours was quite good too, but...) and I've just sent my client an email to discuss.