Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Challenges of a Student with Poor Time Management Skills

The first student I illustrated for Engaging Minds is physically and mentally disorganized.

The second student is stressed out and has trouble concentrating. 

The third student (below) has poor planning and time management skills. He has trouble following directions.

Attributes of student 3 include:

  • Poor planning and time management skills
    • Doesn’t use a planner (s/he says she can just remember things in her head or just find it online)
      • S/he doesn’t even really know how to use a planner to begin with so s/he jettisons it
    • Doesn’t know how to prioritize
      • Doesn’t know how to make lists
    • Doesn’t know how to break down tasks into manageable pieces
    • Never learned how to effectively plan out long-term assignments
    • Doesn’t know how to create an agenda and estimate time on task
  • Poor self-monitoring
    • Doesn’t read directions
    • Doesn’t follow the rubric
    • Doesn’t use an assignment book effectively
    • Doesn’t follow through on goals and plans

Engaging Minds is a learning and tutoring center in Massachusetts that helps students to enhance their academic engagement, and strengthen executive function and learning skills.

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