Thursday, January 18, 2018

Challenges of a Stressed Out Kid

The first student I illustrated for Engaging Minds is physically and mentally disorganized.

The second student (below) is stressed out and has trouble concentrating. 

The third student has poor planning and time management skills.

The top image was a lot of fun to put together. How often does one get to include a 'poop' emoji in one's art?

Attributes of student 2 include: 
  • Stressed out!
    • Procrastinates and struggles with task initiation
      • Always leaves things for the last minute
      • Constantly thinks s/he has more time
      • Easily overwhelmed
      • Doesn’t know where to begin
      • Doesn’t know how to break assignments down into manageable pieces
      • Doesn’t have a homework routine
    • Can’t focus
      • Has a really hard time sitting and doing work for more than 20 minutes at a time
      • Constantly daydreaming while reading
      • Easily distracted – even by the squirrel out in the front yard
    • Inflexible
      • Unwilling to try new approaches; stuck in a rut and can’t see another way out
      • Has a hard time shifting from one activity to the next
      • Doesn’t do well when things don’t go as planned
Trouble focusing:

Procrastinates and struggles with task initiation:


Engaging Minds is a learning and tutoring center in Massachusetts that helps students to enhance their academic engagement, and strengthen executive function and learning skills.

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