Monday, March 28, 2011

Buff's Pub's New Shirt

Buff's Pub in Newton, MA is selling a new t-shirt I designed. For those not from the area, the font is the same one used by the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The Pub is something of a mini sports bar so it just made sense to connect the two images (and in the interest of full disclosure, Dave M. from Buff's came up with the concept).
Now, I'm not suggesting you should go to Buff's just to buy the t-shirt, but considering Buff's has (in my humble opinion) THE BEST buffalo wings, it's certainly worth a trip.

And here are some long-sleeved shirts I designed late last year. Most of these shirts have sold out.
Update: The day after I posted this blog update, I got a call from Buff's to reorder the Sox shirts- the shirts are hot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Business of Art

Header illustration and modified design for an event I helped produce for the Boston Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild. I was highly influenced by Bob Staake who I mentioned before as an influence on my Eddie Spaghetti illustration. If you click Bob's link, turn off your sound. (People- please don't force visitors to your website to listen to music!)

The idea here is that creative people in general don't like to deal with the 'business' part of their business and that will only hurt them. So here's a guy deeply entrenched in being creative, who is worried about having to do the business stuff...