Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Star Wars Rules for Your Bathroom

Need to remind your kids to wash with soap? 
Tired of begging your kids to run a comb or brush through their hair before going out into the world?
Do you wish your kids would remember to flush the toilet?
How hard can it be to squeeze some toothpaste on a brush and clean the candy out of their teeth?

I can help.

I created these 5" x 7" prints for your kids' bathroom to keep you from pulling the hair out of your head. You can frame them*, tape them to the wall, or just lean them against the mirror and go back to sipping your coffee in the morning.

They're fun. They're cheap. They're in my Etsy Store.

*Easy to frame: Buy frames with 5" x 7" (13 cm x 18 cm) opening, pop them in. None of the art will get cut off.

In case your kids just don't get it, it's written out in plain english on the back.

Illustrated by me, with art direction from my wife who has been BEGGING me for something like this for years.

My Etsy Store