Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portrait with a Fez

My aunt called me a short time ago and asked me to do a portrait of my uncle for his 80th birthday to include some of his favorite hobbies and possessions as well as a symbol of his vocation (OBGYN).

I told my aunt I would be happy to do it but it wasn't until she told me to include a fez that I was ecstatic!

Having just re-watched Dr. Who for the eleventyseventh time I have a fond appreciation for fezzes as the Doctor proudly wears one in the 5th season (2010) of the modern series.
Scene from Season 5, Episode 13, "The Big Bang"
I got a call from my uncle about an hour ago thanking me for the illustration and for the content (and I have my aunt, my mom and my dad to thank for helping me get it just right).