Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Slides for a Social Event

Because creative people don't get out of the house much (at least not us freelance types and especially not those with a newborn like I have), AIGA Boston has put together a large social event - Cross-Org AFTA - for creative professionals in the Boston area. It's an opportunity to network, schmooze and compare drawing pen nibs.

I'll be there as a working illustrator/graphic designer and also as the co-founder of Creative Relay as we are one of the 12 co-host design organizations. Very exciting considering we've only been around since September 2011.

Here are all the hosts:

During the course of the evening there will be a slideshow of submitted work so I thought that I would post my slides on my blog. They run the gamut of kid's stuff to editorial illustrations to superheroes to design-y pieces with a little bit of illustration.

Looking forward to getting out of the house!

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