Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Movie Theater "Happy Meal"

The movie theater company National Amusements/Showcase Cinemas contracted me to create a design for their 1-2-3 Go Box. The box is like their Happy Meal for kids with popcorn, a drink and a candy in a handy package. Until now, their 1-2-3 Go Box was decorated with characters from kids' movies and they wanted to make the box their own.

I created three sets of concepts for the designs and they chose this one with lots, and lots of monster creatures hanging around. I then set to work illustrating and designing the graphics within the bounds of their template.
Here's the artwork within the template:

Some friends sent me these photos with the 1-2-3 Go Box:

If you find yourself with a 1-2-3 Go Box please send me a photo or post it on Facebook: facebook.com/edfrednedillustration

 This job led to a 45 second animation for the theater chain. More on that HERE
 Youtube video

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